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About our mink

High Animal Welfare

The color and texture of the fur is largely determined by ensuring that the mink are fed a balanced diet and enjoy the best possible care. However, it is also essential that the animals be kept in natural surroundings.The sheds are therefore set up in such a manner as to create a pleasant living environment for the mink. In each pen there are two animals, the have enough space to move around freely and has continuous access to fresh water, feed and straw. 


Unicorn Mink offers award winning mink throughout the most popular of natural mink colorations. The diversity of Unicorn farm locations allows for the finest genetic make – up in each color category. Meticulous animal husbandry practices are applied to maintain the pure bloodlines of the breeding stock. Unicorn is producing high quality selections of white, pearl, sapphire, demi, pastel, palomino, marble, mahogany, brown, silver blue and cross mink.


Being responsible is a choice we make every day, every way we can. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our entire business and are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We recycle 100% of cardboards, paper and plastic.Just as the environmental surroundings for the animals are important, it is also vital that the impact of their environment coexists in harmony with all of nature. Unicorn Fur Farms subscribe to socially responsible business practices that assure the protection of the environment. We monitor, measure and understand our environmental impacts so that we can take actions to protect our planet.


Fur farming today is a process that has minimal environmental impact.The long-term success of our business depends on raw materials of all our products being sourced and produced is a sustainable way. It’s the fur that is most valuable, the waste products from the mink, including manure and animal fat are used in the manufacturing of biofuels, oils, pharmaceuticals and fertilizer. It’s important that we challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways to improve or sustainable impact of our farms around the world. 


Unicorn is proud to feed our animals fresh and high quality foods. The color and texture of the fur is largely determined by ensuring that the mink are fed a well balanced diet. The feed for our mink must be composed with the greatest of care. Unicorn Fur Farms works closely with Futrex in Europe and American Feed in the United States.  The feed that our mink consume supports the agricultural production cycle. Nothing is wasted during the process. The waste products of other industries eggs, cheese, fish and meat are used to feed our mink, these by- products can’t be used for human consumption. 

Employee Welfare

Creating great animal welfare starts with our great people. We ensure our success by taking care of our people, encouraging them to grow, and treating them with dignity and respect. We also support the empowerment of female employees within our business. We are dedicated to the communities we serve. A big part of our corporate responsibility work involves giving back to the communities in which we operate.

Mission Statement

We are constantly striving to improve the environmental impact. 

We are committed to hiring locally from the communities we serve.

We strongly value the relationships that we have developed with our Unicorn buyers. 

We are proud of our accomplishments we have made and we will remain passionate about continuously improving our group and working to make a positive sustainable impact on the world. 

Employee Welfare

Creating great animal welfare starts with our great people.

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